Tektonika Staff August 7, 2018 4 minute read

IoT security trends reveal major gaps—and opportunities

IoT security trends, like those analyzed in Gartner's "Market Insight: IoT Security Gaps Highlight Emerging Print Market Opportunities," need attention.


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Watch out: Machine learning is now a cybercriminal strategy

Machine learning shows promise for cybersecurity strategies, but it's a boon for a hacker's cybercriminal strategy, too. Here's how.


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3 cautionary tales outlining the importance of preventing hackers

Every high-profile hack comes with a valuable lesson. Take a look at three cautionary tales showing exactly why you should prioritize preventing hackers.


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Security Leader Profile: HP's Michael Howard talks print security

In this interview, HP Head of Security Michael Howard discusses Black Hat 2018, print security, and why people matter for strong cybersecurity.


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5 consumer data security steps to instill customer confidence

How can you assure your users their information is protected? Here are five steps you can take to demonstrate your commitment to consumer data security.


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Upgrade your tools to keep up with business technology trends

It's critical to keep up with business technology trends, but what do you prioritize? Here are the technology tools you should make sure are up to date.


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Black Hat 2018: Prepare to bite back against hackers

Black Hat 2018, the world's top information security event, is coming up soon. Here's what you can expect from the massive hacker conference.