The ultimate guide to tech-centric Twitter accounts

September 26, 20165 Minute Read

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IT pros understand that one of the best things about technology is that it changes before anyone can get bored or complacent. The constant iterations and evolution of hardware and software, platforms and policies, and social channels form a continually shifting landscape that can be a challenge to keep pace with—especially when striving for innovation.

To stay on track, IT professionals should tap into the top tech accounts to follow on Twitter. The platform’s endless stream of 140-character updates can make it tough to simply dip a toe in a stream. This can quickly turn into a deluge of information—some not relevant or reliable. To optimize the experience (and knowledge-gathering) potential of the platform, have a curated collection of thought leaders, influencers, brands, and publications. Think personal Spotify playlist that keeps you in-the-know of your field amid rapid change.

Industry communities and change-makers

Toolbox for IT (@ToolboxforIT)

Embrace your inner #techie: This online community of more than two million members offers a space for research, discussion, and networking.


In their own words, IDC is “the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the IT, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets.” Enough said.

CompTIA (@CompTIA)

Tune into this nonprofit trade association dedicated to advancing the interests of IT professionals and companies for the latest IT events, continuing education, and trends.


Use the National Association of IT Professionals to find your local chapter and follow them for networking opportunities.


The BDPA is the national organization helping advance careers of African Americans in the IT industry, as well as advocating for teaching and promoting STEM. Look here for tweets on events, career opportunities, and diversity in the industry.

Women in Technology (@WITWomen)

This national nonprofit is devoted to giving women in tech networking and professional development opportunities. Look no further for tweets about leadership and parity, and attracting and retaining female talent in tech.

Girls in Tech (@GirlsInTech)

This global nonprofit is aimed at engaging, educating, and empowering women in tech and entrepreneurship. But their tweets don’t just hold messages for women—any IT pro will find a wealth of information on current trends, industry conventions, and events like GameBeat, savvy blog posts that take a deeper dive into personalities and problems, leadership advice, and more.

Latinas in STEM (@LatinasinSTEM)

A membership organization for a group that is still an underrepresented minority in the industry, this account features the state of talent, tools, and tips for tech workers.

The techies

Reshma Saujani (@reshmasaujani)

Before she founded @GirlsWhoCode, Saujani was the deputy public advocate of New York City. She tweets about what the organization is doing to empower women in tech, as well as facts about the industry and thought-provoking news articles.

DJ Patil (@DJ44)

The chief data scientist for the US government, Patil gives updates on the science and technology developments in Washington, DC—while his personal account @dpatil is filled with observations, must-read articles, and links to other top tech accounts to follow on Twitter.

Danah oyd (@zephoria)

Once dubbed Fortune Magazine‘s smartest academic in tech, Boyd focuses her research on social media and networks.

Shane Wall (@ShaneWallCTO)

HP’s CTO and global head of @HPLabs tweets about the future of technology and what’s happening right now.

Baratunde Thurston (@baratunde)

A change-maker and comedian (formerly of The Daily Show and The Onion) who call himself a tech nerd, Thurston delivers on current events and sprinkles in his signature wit.

Margaret Dawson (@SeattleDawson)

A self-professed technology “evangelist,” Dawson focuses her tweets on big data and cloud computing, as well as world news and current industry conferences.

The latest and greatest

Stay up-to-date on the latest tech news, reviews, strategy, and industry events:

Members of the media

Tim OReilly (@timoreilly)

Founder of O’Reilly Media and author of multiple books with an IT focus, O’Reilly also coordinates some of the most well-regarded industry events.

Farhad Manjoo (@fmanjoo)

Now a tech columnist for the New York Times, Manjoo’s spread his reporting and tech intel to a multitude of media outlets and trades tweets with other top tech accounts to follow on Twitter.

Heidi Moore (@moorehn)

As an editor, most recently at Mashable, Moore stays on top of the news and constantly curates a smart stream of newsworthy items on tech and global events that impact every industry.

Owen Thomas (@owenthomas)

Thomas is a veteran of VentureBeat, Valleywag, and ReadWriteWeb, and currently the business editor at the San Francisco Chronicle. Follow him for business news that has a decidedly tech angle and intel on Silicon Valley’s movers and shakers.

Nitasha Tiku (@nitashatiku)

Buzzfeed’s senior tech beat reporter, trend spotter, and breaker of news.

Evan Blass (@evleaks)

Currently writing for VentureBeat, Blass has been known to dish on big stories before they hit the mainstream press.

Shira Ovide (@shiraovide)

Tech reporter at Bloomberg, offering a definitive angle on the business behind the tech companies.

Sarah Lacy (@sarahcuda)

The founder of Pando Daily is always outspoken and keeps a close eye on the goings-on in Silicon Valley.

Patrick Thibodeau (@DCgov)

Policy wonk at Computerworld tweeting on legislation affecting the tech industry.

The investors

They have their fingers on the pulse of the next big thing.

Eileen Burbidge (@eileentso)

Burbidge’s perspective is broad, as she’s an early stage tech VC, but a former product director for Yahoo and Skype.

Fred Wilson (@fredwilson)

A partner at the uber VC investment firm Union Square Ventures, Wilson is a prolific blogger in addition to sharing his insights on Twitter.

Om Malik (@om)

Founder of Gigaom and now partner at True Ventures. Malik tweets under-the-radar blog posts and insider news in the industry.

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