Check your network for these vulnerabilities

December 1, 20161 Minute Read

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Critical gaps can occur at multiple points within your imaging and printing environment, especially as printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) become more feature-rich, capable computing devices. Once you understand these vulnerabilities, you can easily reduce the risks.

Malicious attacks can occur from inside or outside your organization. External breaches can happen when hackers employ these tactics:

  • Gather user credentials from unsecured printers to gain access to networks, computers, and servers.
  • Intercept jobs for printing, photocopying, and scanning.
  • Access data on printer hard drives and memory (RAM).

Internal breaches can occur as a result of careless usage of printing devices and output. Employees can gain unauthorized access to confidential information in printed documents left unattended in output trays. Media such as checks or prescriptions or other pre-printed forms stored in unsecured input trays can also be targets for theft or misuse.

Any of these vulnerabilities can leave companies exposed to the loss of confidential information and failure to comply with regulatory, legal, and contractual requirements to protect the data.

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