Video help desk on demand dramatically improves tech support

December 19, 20164 Minute Read

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How many times have you fielded a tech support call, walking your user through a series of troubleshooting questions on the phone, and thought, “This would be so much easier if you could see what they were talking about?” Welcome to the future, where video help desk on-demand tools make it possible.

By live streaming a video feed from the end user’s camera, you can see exactly what they see—and devise a solution much faster than you would if you had to play a clunky game of twenty questions to get to the bottom of what was going on in the first place. Here’s how to incorporate it into your current tech support processes, so you can get started helping users via video ASAP.

Let the stream begin

If you already use remote screen sharing to troubleshoot tricky issues for your users, then video help desk isn’t that big of a leap. All you have to do is push out the necessary app to your users’ workstations and mobile devices or let them download the app on their own, then initiate a video session in which you have full access to their video camera and can see the problem as if you were standing there.

You can take snapshots or entire recordings of the video stream and add them to the help desk ticket for further investigation, or you can draw on the screen to highlight a specific problem or issue that the user needs to act—just as if you were a television sports analyst breaking down a football play on live TV. Depending on the solution you use, APIs may even be available to integrate the video stream into your current workflow.

Of course, setting up remote video access may bring up a couple of quips about Big Brother from your colleagues who have privacy concerns. But, as with remote screen sharing, you can always make sure users are empowered to grant permission to the video stream when they’re ready, so they feel like they’re in control.

A game-changer for IT support delivery

On-demand video help desk can benefit IT in big ways, ranging from measurable efficiency gains to the softer and less quantifiable element of customer satisfaction. It reduces the friction users might experience when trying to communicate technical concepts using non-technical language via voice or text, making tech support exchanges easier and more comfortable for them overall.

It could be a major game-changer for after-hours and weekend technical support, too. Imagine a user is working hard on a special presentation in the office on a Saturday and discovers they can’t print. The IT professional on duty doesn’t have to drop what they’re doing and come on site to fix the problem—instead, they can fire up the video app, instantly see what’s going on, and remotely troubleshoot it on the spot. That’s a win-win for both IT and the users they serve.

A killer app for printer troubleshooting

This technology could come in extremely handy for troubleshooting printing issues. Ever gotten a garbled description of a printer’s error message from a user? Ever wish you had access to the handy display on the printer that shows an animated diagram of how to fix the problem, but you weren’t on site when the issue occurred, or you couldn’t get away from your desk right at that moment? If yes, you’ll probably love having eyes on your fleet of printers.

With these tools, you can visually identify the problem and devise a solution much faster. You’re effectively able to be in two places at once. This is especially helpful when it comes to troubleshooting printing problems for remote offices and telecommuting staff. If you don’t yet have a budget for managed print services, video can help you raise the bar for your tech support—and maybe even improve your first call resolution numbers, all at an attractive price point.

Video troubleshooting in the future

Video help desk is already available for computers and mobile devices, so it’s not a stretch to think we could see support for it included in connected devices part of the expanding Internet of Things (IoT). Remotely troubleshooting devices that are better fixed with visual access, from a factory floor to a brick-and-mortar location miles away from company headquarters, steps into the future effortlessly. In the near future, we may see video-based customer service becoming a commonplace feature of the products companies bring to market, as well. Expect it to turn up in a variety of IoT devices and gadgets that haven’t even been thought up yet.

IT’s time and resources are stretched thin, so it’s always a victory when you can find a tool that allows your team to deliver better support in less time. By empowering IT to remotely troubleshoot problems via video on demand—no matter where they are—you can boost your team’s productivity while improving the support experience at the same time. Although an on-demand video help desk option may seem like something out of a sci-fi film, the future is already here, and you can benefit from this tech right now!

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