Embrace a new breed of smart printing and copying solutions

December 26, 20174 Minute Read

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“Smart machines can be our partners and collaborators in creative problem solving,” claims a report in the Harvard Business Review.

When you read a sentence like that, you probably start thinking about some of the headline-grabbing technologies techies are constantly talking about. But this notion strikes home in many business-technology segments, like the copy and print environment.

Smart printing solutions offer the solid underpinnings and innovative features that can allow IT teams to switch focus from routine maintenance to creative business strategy, providing them with the time to deliver on solutions that can help their businesses grow. This is particularly true for today’s most advanced multifunction printers (MFPs) from HP. These smart MFPs can be powerful “partners” for IT teams that hope to eliminate time-consuming, manual processes and radically streamline workflows.

Boost productivity with the power of modern printing

MFPs have long been a staple of business, providing all the document management basics—copying, printing, scanning, faxing—in one box. But today, MFPs have added some smarter capabilities, like running apps, integrating with networks, and communicating with the cloud. For example, here are just some of the things a modern multifunction printer from HP can do:

  • Accelerate workflows and improve accuracy
  • Generate jobs with gorgeous color at low cost
  • Easily integrate with document workflow processes
  • Minimize energy waste
  • Maximize device uptime

Businesses are already noticing how much more efficient they are with smart printers. Take, for example, ImageNet Consulting, a leader in professional services and document management—and a business that depends on smart printing solutions.

ImageNet invested in a fleet of modernized printers and noticed significant improvements, including reliable print quality and greater efficiencies through standardized management tools. Matt Schotten, VP of Managed Print Solutions, stated he was particularly impressed with the lean, modular design of the new line of multifunction printers offered by HP. These MFPs have fewer parts and rely heavily on firmware, which is critical to uptime and performance.

Additionally, since switching to HP printers, ImageNet has seen, according to Schotten, “an extremely low parts and labor burden, up to 10 times less, because of the inherent simplicity of the A3 print-engine design.” In other words, fewer parts mean the IT team doesn’t have to spend nearly as much time servicing the printers.

CTI Foods also appreciates the uptime afforded by modern printers, especially since its food production business needs to be running 24/7. The business has enjoyed a high-volume, accelerated print output that matches its fast pace of business, as well as nationwide workflow standardization thanks to the advanced devices.

Put your security worries to rest

The recent slew of IT security beaches in the news have left business leaders around the world stunned—and scrambling to strengthen their security. Endpoint devices, like printers, are especially vulnerable to attack, because they often get overlooked by IT security teams. In an age when any security oversight can compromise a business, this is not acceptable.

Fortunately, modern smart printers from HP have an array of security features that can:

  • Provide 24/7 run-time intrusion detection to stop attacks and force a reboot if one is detected
  • Check settings and fix them in a reboot if anything is off
  • Detect and prevent the execution of malicious code
  • Self-heal the BIOS
  • Reboot and notify IT if compromised
  • Use whitelisting to check for authentic firmware

As CTI Foods found, MFPs with these features make cybersecurity much easier for business. As Cory Roese, Director of IT at CTI Foods, said, “You can set it up so that as soon as a device gets plugged into the network, it gets secured . . . leaving no gaps for a would-be attackers. That way, it’s nearly impossible for someone to use your network against you.”

There’s a lot to secure in the modern office. Taking printers off that list by investing in smart printing solutions will make life that much easier.

Take your office technology to the next level

Multifunction printers probably don’t come to the top of your mind when you think of IT innovation, but they can do a lot to make your business run better and your IT team work smarter. Advanced workflows, maximum uptime, and airtight security are all results you can expect from upgrading your MFPs. By investing in an advanced multifunction printer that meets the needs of your company, you can put your organization on the fast track to greater efficiency and success.

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