5 can’t-miss articles on 2017 tech trends

January 9, 20183 Minute Read

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We know it’s unlikely you’ve had time to read every post we’ve published on Tektonika this year—after all, you’ve probably been busy battening down the IT hatches in light of major data breaches and cyber attacks, like WannaCry and Petya, Equifax, and let’s not forget the massive DDoS attack, Mirai.

You can rest easy, though—we’re giving you a second chance to check out some of Tektonika’s best tech trends articles from 2017. Think of it as our gift to you to start the new year off informed and up to date on all things Tektonika.

1. IT security nightmares—the one Tuesday all geeks slept in

This piece of nightmarish fiction perfectly illustrates how vulnerable your company can be to a cybercriminal. It starts out on an ordinary Tuesday at work and quickly devolves into a panic-inducing scenario that begins with everyone locked out of the programs that allow them to do even the most basic work—and the IT department is MIA.

In this case, the cyber marauders deployed WannaCry and demanded a bitcoin ransom to decrypt and restore the company’s files. Thankfully, the IT team installed self-healing printers that automatically shut down to protect against security threats. How did it get resolved? Read on to find out.

2. MafiaBoy sheds light on the hackers hiding in the shadows

As we bid adieu to AIM and Compuserve, it’s a good time to also revisit the history of Michael Calce, aka MafiaBoy. The self-professed “bratty kid” took down the internet (yes, really) in 2000, when he launched a DDoS attack on Amazon, CNN, Dell, E*Trade, eBay, and Yahoo! (which was the largest search engine in the world at that time).

Times have changed, and Calce is now one of the good guys—a white hat who regularly tries to stay three steps ahead of tech trends and cyber warfare. He’s got plenty to say, even about the most innocuous office hardware, like the printer. “With 240 functions, it’s an operating system. IT isn’t paying enough attention to these devices, especially considering there’s often one printer per 10 employees,” he says. Check out more of the scariest threats here.

3. Black Hat 2017: Michael Howard talks sheep, hackers, and urgency

Listen up: Your organization likely has a target on its back. But fear not, Michael Howard, HP’s chief security advisor is armed and ready to help you fight off the growing number of impending cyberthreats. In this post, Howard takes you through some essential facts about security to help you build a better IT infrastructure by keeping up with tech trends, like connected devices, which are predicted to number 25 billion by 2020.

4. 3 ways you can avoid attacks with smart printer security

The bad guys are always at the door, maybe even lurking around your printer. Only 2 percent of printers in the world are secure. Let that sink in for a moment, then run—don’t walk—over to this post for three top security tips to help you shore up your IT infrastructure and keep those hackers at bay.

And if you’re not scared yet, HP Studios’s short movie The Wolf will show you what a huge impact secure endpoints can make for your business.

5. When tech innovation infuriates customers

Let’s be honest: Not every development in tech is met with the same hyperbolic enthusiasm as, say, a new iPhone. This post takes us through the mishaps and milestones not reached when new products and services were unveiled, and it aims to illustrate a very important lesson: When everyone is disillusioned and down on the next new thing, it’s a big opportunity. Here’s how to use tech critics to your advantage and use backlash as valuable feedback to innovate for UX.

Hopefully, this roundup of our editors’ top picks for informative posts this year will start your new year off on the right foot. Now, let’s see what 2018 has in store.

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