Hide as well as Carmen Sandiego with these travel security tips

March 30, 20185 minute read

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Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? People have been trying to find her for decades, which is concerning, but honestly, her ability to fall off the grid is enviable. She must have her travel security procedures down pat—something you’ll want your company’s employees to emulate when they need to travel and work on the go.

In today’s marketplace, where businesses and organizations of all types collaborate across the globe, keeping your business data safe while busy professionals are en route to their next destination is more essential than ever. Yet the connected nature of modern IT makes falling off the hackable grid difficult. Here are a few tips on how you can keep employees and their devices secure while traveling.

Keep mobile devices incognito

An air of mystery can be a good thing, both when you’re traveling and when you’re evading cyberthreats. One way you can slip off a would-be attacker’s radar is through better mobile device management. Smart tools can help you tighten mobile device security for your employees on the road by controlling what corporate data can be stored on mobile devices, encrypting information to keep it from prying eyes, and wiping devices in the event they are lost or stolen.

Mobile device management solutions can also ensure traveling smartphones and tablets receive timely patches and critical software updates even while they’re in far-flung locations, shoring up vulnerabilities that could otherwise leave them open to attack.

Secure all connection and communication

Secure connections are a must for staying incognito while on a journey. Using a VPN will help your employees work securely wherever they are, while company-owned mobile hot spots will give them the connectivity they need to get the job done.

Make sure your traveling colleagues use complex passwords to log in from afar, too. If your business requires an extra layer of security, technology—such as biometric access solutions—can ensure remote access is tightly regulated, and privacy screens can keep nosy bystanders from seeing what’s transpiring on a laptop. And don’t forget to automatically terminate remote sessions that have gone idle for too long—if your colleague steps away to take a phone call or refill their latte, no one can hop on their computer and begin rummaging around for juicy bits of corporate data.

If your colleagues are on the road, they might want to take advantage of mobile printing to send documents back to headquarters or print them out at their destination. Access control and pull printing technology allow users to print to a secure network, authenticate with ease, and retrieve jobs when necessary, even as they’re sprinting off to their next destination. Back home, IT pros can conduct a security risk assessment of their print environment and centrally manage it to make sure it’s as resilient and hack-proof as it should be—regardless of whether folks are printing from across the globe or down the hall.

Make travel technology resilient

Few things feel more frustrating than suffering a technology breakdown while on the road. For that matter, it’s not much fun for bleary-eyed IT pros to troubleshoot a strange glitch from thousands of miles away in the middle of the night. It’s in everyone’s best interest to make your colleagues’ travel tech as resilient and disaster-proof as possible before they head out on their adventures.

Client management solutions allow your IT team to assist traveling employees who’re encountering problems, remotely booting up an image from the server, or adjusting BIOS settings, if needed. Once back on track, cloud access to important documents and business applications makes it easy for road warriors to get back to work right away.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that get you, though. That’s why it’s always a smart idea to provide your employees—particularly traveling executives—with backup chargers, power cords, and other key equipment, so they won’t end up a creek without a paddle if something fails. If your colleague is literally going off the grid, heading out to a location where access to electricity is intermittent or even nonexistent, equip them with a solar charger, so they can stay connected and productive during their sojourn.

Help your employees glide off the grid

You could have the most cutting-edge, secure technology in the world, but if your employees don’t know how to use it, it’s only a matter of time before their cover gets blown. That’s why ramping up employee education about travel security is important.

As Computer Weekly reports, loss and theft are major threats while traveling, and they can lead to painful data breaches. But the concerns don’t stop there—even connecting to an unsecured open wireless network is a risky prospect, since public Wi-Fi security is a nightmare. Just inserting a seemingly harmless USB drive into a laptop can also compromise your employee’s device with malware and, from there, your company’s network. Through training and cheat sheets, provide your colleagues with the knowledge they need to work smoothly and securely wherever their travels take them.

Carmen Sandiego knows how to keep a low profile while crisscrossing the globe and, with a little preparation, your colleagues can, too. With smart mobile device management solutions, tools for secure printing, disaster recovery solutions, and proactive employee education, your colleagues can head off on their adventures confident in the knowledge their data and communications are as discreet and hidden from view as our heroine Carmen has been for all these years.

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