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  • Big data tools simplify business management and talent acquisition

Big data tools simplify business management and talent acquisition

May 3, 20183 minute read

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Have you ever sat at your laptop, scrolling through profiles on LinkedIn, and found yourself asking, “Why is it so hard to find good tech talent?” With 500 million members and roughly 11 million job listings on the website, many recruiters are coming up against this challenge today. Getting through data is a slog for IT pros searching for the next brilliant member of their team. But there’s good news: It’s about to get easier.

LinkedIn is launching a self-service data analytics tool called Talent Insights to help talent acquisition specialists find the candidates they need and business management better understand their current and future employees. The tool also uses big data to provide analysis on hiring trends across and within companies and industries, and it will allow hiring and management pros to adapt to the evolving job market. Instead of wasting endless hours trying to find just the right unicorn, you’ll know who to look for, where to find them, and who else is looking for them.

Wade through growing markets with ease

This was no surprise move by LinkedIn. The demand among business management professionals for good data on job seekers, employee retention, and competitors’ hiring has been growing—as has the number of companies fighting to meet the need. For instance, Facebook is partnering with ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn—or its parent Microsoft—has already bought multiple hiring startups, including Connectifier and Careerify, to beef up its game.

In other words, launching its own self-service data analytics tool for business management and talent acquisition professionals was an obvious next step. It was also the basis for startup hiQ’s lawsuit against Microsoft and, ultimately, why the data-scraping company won. The judge saw Microsoft’s cease-and-desist letter as an act of anticompetitive behavior. Regardless of whose service you use, the trends are clear: There’s a new way to leverage data-driven talent acquisition with LinkedIn.

Find the exact info you need quickly

LinkedIn’s Talent Insights will allow business managers and recruiters to get a better sense of industry hiring trends for both their own companies and their competitors, as well as talent trends—where leading candidates come from, what schools they go to, which skills are growing fastest in which areas, and more.

There will be two types of reports subscribers will be able to access. The Talent Pool will give hiring professionals a “clear picture of what you need to know to recruit and hire for those hard-to-fill roles,” including a sense of how difficult it is to hire the talent you want. The Company report will help you understand the talent you have, where it’s going, and how to keep it. The reports will also allow business management to understand how job seekers are interacting with their company’s brand.

Climb the IT ladder faster

For job seekers, maintaining an up-to-date LinkedIn profile will become that much more important. Attrition in the tech sector is high, in part because recruiters often target employees of other tech companies and win them over with higher salaries or better benefits. With LinkedIn’s new Talent Insights, IT pros receive a better opportunity to highlight their talents—like an expertise in cybersecurity, a highly valuable skill in the modern world—and, hopefully, climb the ladder even faster.

Big data and analytics are inserting themselves into every part of business and IT management, and recruiting is no exception. This is just one of many examples of how big data is changing the way business operates. With talent management tools like this one appearing on the scene, every aspect of IT recruiting is liable to change.

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