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Rose de Fremery

Rose de Fremery

Rose de Fremery is a New York-based writer, technologist, teacher, and public speaker who writes about internet trends, startups, social media and sports, and business IT topics. She is the former Managing Editor of The Social Media Monthly, the world's first and only print magazine devoted to the social media revolution. While at that publication, she wrote longform articles on a wide range of subjects including crowdfunding, Spotify and Pandora, the Obama 2012 campaign, location-based social dating, and professional sports leagues' approaches to social media. Rose is a rare hybrid technologist-writer, having served as the IT Director of a large international human rights organization for 10 years while also pursuing writing and calligraphy. She's every bit as fascinated by the magic of the written word as she is by the flicker of the screen and the communities that form behind it.

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