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Megan Williams

Megan Williams

Megan’s background in healthcare tech and IT is rooted in the hospital revenue cycle space. She managed IT for a HIPAA-compliant remote office where, in addition to her revenue cycle duties, she was responsible for network maintenance, employee training, hardware and software upgrades, and coordination with corporate IT leadership. Her 10 years in revenue cycle SaaS include work with developers, implementation processes, EHR data, and a range of experience across multiple patient and payment data platforms. She has a degree in health administration, an MBA, and now works as a content strategist, freelance business writer, and industry observer in the world of B2B healthcare tech, focusing mainly on revenue cycle, cybersecurity, mHealth, and healthcare SaaS. She believes healthcare business content doesn’t have to be boring and prides herself on creating readable, informative content for healthcare professionals and leaders.

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