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Karen Gilleland

Karen Gilleland

Writer/editor Karen Gilleland draws on deep content management experience in the Fortune 500 corporate world to create business-savvy blogs, speeches, podcasts, articles, newsletters and award submissions. She possesses significant ghostwriting experience, thanks to her ability to write in the authentic voice of senior-level executives and subject matter experts. As internal communications lead for IBM Global Services, Karen created employee messaging from the time the organization was a gleam in the eye of a few Boulder visionaries through its growth to more than 30,000 employees worldwide and its emergence as the profit engine of IBM--the greatest corporate turnaround in history. At Ricoh, her innovative web strategies for the worldwide team helped to align diverse cultures around a set of core corporate values. Karen has published science and business articles in hard-copy publications such as COLORADO BUSINESS, THE ELKS MAGAZINE, FARM JOURNAL, BOY'S LIFE, FIRSTS (a magazine for book collectors), among many others. Karen's writing expertise allows her to turn difficult subject matter into easy reading. As an editor, Karen not only edits business books—such as ICEBERG DOWN, a book on high-performance teams by Ed Minnock--but she is a sought-after editor for mysteries, including NEW YORK TIMES' best-selling author Margaret Coel, whose series is set among the Arapahos on the Wind River Reservation. Karen's blog for the "insanely addicted fans of 'Doc Martin,'" a British sitcom, contains articles and her own FanFiction. It's racked up more than half-a-million hits--popular enough for THE WALL STREET JOURNAL to include her comments in its article, "As the World Streams." Additional samples are available on request.

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