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Carrie Dagenhard July 30, 2018 3 minute read

5 consumer data security steps to instill customer confidence

How can you assure your users their information is protected? Here are five steps you can take to demonstrate your commitment to consumer data security.

Tektonika Staff March 28, 2018 4 Minute Read

3 ways to enhance the effectiveness of your IT strategy

Managers should think beyond tech when forming their IT strategy. Here are a few factors you should consider implementing, if you haven't already.

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Solve workplace collaboration with the right business tools

Offices are growing apart and going remote, but bringing in the right modern business tools can keep workplace collaboration efficient.

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5 IT management decisions that won’t ruin a customer’s day

IT management is customer experience management. Here are five ways to shift toward more customer-focused tech, even if you face cultural resistance.

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How to weather change and stay the course of innovation

When it comes to innovation and the economy, there are some core concepts that can help every IT leader drive sustainable innovation amid change.

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How to get CFOs to funnel $$$ into IT budgets

When economic crises hit, your CFO doubles down on tighter budgets. Here's how to make sure your IT budgets and network security don't suffer.

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When chatbots fail: 5 bots you can troll

If you think that conversationally enabled robots will take over the workplace, you haven't seen any hilarious moments when chatbots fail spectacularly.