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Carrie Dagenhard November 15, 2018 4 minute read

The 3 keys to IT sustainability: planet, people, and community

Think IT sustainability will put a strain on your resources? Here's how committing to sustainability efforts will benefit your organization and the planet.

Jasmine W. Gordon August 29, 2018 4 minute read

Black Hat 2018: I partied with The Fixer and 17,000 hackers

The real excitement at Black Hat 2018 happened after-hours. Check out a full review of the cocktail parties, receptions, clubbing, and more.

Kayla Matthews August 28, 2018 5 minute read

Celebrate the future of IT in the workplace

Flexibility, efficiency, and diversity will be defining factors for the future of IT. Learn how to adapt—and thrive—in the midst of these trends.

Karen Gilleland August 24, 2018 5 minute read

When business printer meets user—hilarious people-tech fails

Today's smart printers take the guesswork out of business printer operations—but teams without smart printers have to deal with some hilarious IT calls.

Kayla Matthews August 17, 2018 4 minute read

Can a smart endpoint security strategy boost customer trust?

In a world where customers are constantly reminded their data privacy is at risk, having a good endpoint security strategy can earn back their trust.

Lydia Dishman August 3, 2018 5 minute read

3 cautionary tales outlining the importance of preventing hackers

Every high-profile hack comes with a valuable lesson. Take a look at three cautionary tales showing exactly why you should prioritize preventing hackers.

Stephanie Vozza July 13, 2018 4 minute read

Don’t be obnoxious: Hire tech talent in underrepresented groups

Hiring diverse tech talent can create a better culture and address skills gap. Here's how you can easily reach out to underrepresented candidates.