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Tektonika Staff August 21, 2019 9 minute read

Safety First: The Face of Cybersecurity in Today’s Workplace…

As working environments and styles change, organizations must adapt IT to keep devices secure. A modern service model could help.

Megan Williams August 13, 2019 5 minute read time

Patching Medical Device Cybersecurity Cracks at Private Practices

Medical device cybersecurity isn't just a concern for massive hospital systems.

Megan Williams August 5, 2019 4 minute read

How Hospitals Are Crushing Healthcare Sustainability

Healthcare isn't known to be the most environmentally conscious industry, but some hospitals are taking the healthcare sustainability game by storm.

Joe Hewitson August 5, 2019 5 minutes

Keeping your IT career out of jeopardy through digital upskilling

New threats to your value as an IT pro are always looming, but digital upskilling can help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Megan Williams July 24, 2019 3.5 minutes

How Healthcare Virtual Reality Can Improve Surgical Procedures

Learn more about advancements in healthcare virtual reality surgical training and the security risks associated with it.

Tektonika Staff July 2, 2019 10 minute read

Close the Gap in Device Security (eBook)

Are you maintaining a set of security policies to protect all your endpoints from attack? Download our full device security report and checklist here.

Carrie Dagenhard June 26, 2019 4 minute read

Device lifecycle coming to an end? Here’s what to do

Is your tech reaching the end of its device lifecycle? Here are three signs it's time to replace your aging equipment and how to recycle it responsibly.